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Investing – For Robert Abbasi, investing is a hobby, a game, and a living–all rolled into one. Abbasi loves the challenge of finding the best risk-reward investment and taking calculated risks. If he can make a higher return with less risk than the normal investment, Abbasi considers himself ahead of the game. By consistently making strategic investments, Abbasi can continue to grow his income and assets.

Abbasi says about investing: “If you take care of your net worth, your net worth will take care of you. I am always learning about various investment opportunities and deal structures, and I meet many interesting people through the business. My Master’s Degree in Business from USC helps me assess investments, but it’s my 30+ years of experience in business and investment that is even more valuable. It has become easy for me to invest money and make great returns, not only because of my long-term experience but also because of my ability to quickly assess an investment. Rapid responses to people who submit investments to me gives me an edge over my competition.”

Motorcycles – Abbasi is a street and dirt motorcycle enthusiast and owns several motorcycles. Although he’s not a typical “biker,” Abbasi believes that motorcycling is a great blend of transportation, business tool, enjoyment, and even family life since he frequently takes the time to ride with his daughter on the weekends.

According to Abbasi, “Each motorcycle is unique in its feel, style, performance, and look. I am frequently asked which motorcycle I like to ride the most. My usual answer is “The one I am riding today.” In short, each one has its own reasons for enjoyment and utility, depending on that day’s mission. Motorcycling is one of my life’s greatest pleasures, and I am lucky to be able to participate in this past time. I have ridden for some 40 years and used to race motocross, so I have an edge compared to the “newbie” who just started a few years ago. I am totally comfortable on two wheels.”

Foodie – Abbasi loves quality cuisine and great restaurants, having developed quite a cosmopolitan palate due to his travels around the world. Living in Los Angeles exposes one to a variety of cultural foods since there are so many ethnic restaurants in this area and so many people from around the world. Abbasi states: “We are one of the big melting pot states and our food reflects this. There are very few foods I don’t like. My favorites are good quality sushi, flavorful Indian food, a great steakhouse, fine French food, and a good old school seafood restaurant. One of the greatest pleasures in life is having a fantastic meal with a good friend while having a great conversation.”

Health and Fitness – In order to stay healthy and in tip-top shape mentally and physically, Robert likes to focus on getting a broad variety of nutrients in his diet–mostly from food but also from supplements. By varying his diet, eating more plant-based meals (but not entirely vegetarian), and taking the right supplements, Abbasi is taking all of the steps he needs to live a long, healthy life. He aspires to live and thrive well past the age of 100-years!

On top of eating well, Robert also tries to exercise at least 2-3 times a week. In general, he likes to stay active throughout each day by moving, walking, and standing frequently throughout the day.

Family activities – “It’s really enjoyable to spend quality time with the “nuclear” family and extended family–having fun at functions, dinners, and etc. Life is truly at its best when spending quality time with the family.”

Travel – Abbasi also enjoys traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally – including long motorcycle trips. Robert Abbasi believes travel is a great adventure and appreciates experiencing cultures around the world, visiting famous sites, and viewing incredible vistas. “Seeing how other people live around the world is fascinating. The world seems so small nowadays with the internet and digital communication. However it’s still so large that it would take years to truly explore. The U.S. also has so many nice places to visit, and there is such variety within the states as well.”

Motorsports – Robert Abbasi loves to witness “man and machine” compete and enjoys watching virtually any vehicle on wheels with an engine in competition. He also appreciates high-performance boats and planes. Abbasi considers the sounds of the engines, the sheer speeds achieved, the skill of the drivers, and the mechanical excellence of these machines to be awe-inspiring.

Automobiles – Robert Abbasi says of the foundation of his interest in cars, “If one steps back to think what a car can do you for you, it’s truly amazing. The utility of a car is taken for granted. Imagine that you jump into a vehicle–no matter the weather outside, you can adjust the climate internally to anything you desire and drive hundreds if not thousands of miles across the country. You can also just go to the local grocery store. This country is awesome for the freedom its citizens have, and the automobile is the epitome of freedom to come and go wherever and whenever you want.”

Airplanes and helicopters – Similarly, Abbasi believes any type of aircraft is amazing for opening up the possibilities of the world like no other. Abbasi says, “Business and pleasure become compressed quickly in a flying vehicle. I have traversed the state of California in one day from North to South, having meetings, flying back low over the ocean along the coast, and getting home for dinner. The productivity and efficiency of an airplane in business are nothing short of amazing. I have much experience in flying privately.”

Whiskey + Wine Connoisseur – Abbasi also enjoys tasting quality crafted whiskeys and wines. Robert Abbasi speaks about this particular interest, “Life is short. Friends, family, good wine and whiskey, laughter–does it get much better than this? Wine collecting is truly an art. There is so much to it. Oenophiles go to school for years just to understand wine.”

Bicycling – In line with his love of two wheels, Robert Abbasi is also interested in biking as a sport. In the past, he’s ridden down mountains like Mammoth, taking the Gondola to get to the top of the mountain. Abbasi states in regard to this outdoor past time, “Bicycling is great exercise and a wonderful way to sightsee, socialize, and enjoy your time outside.”

Swimming – “Swimming in the ocean is like nothing else. Feeling the salt water and the sand, having the waves hit you, and moving your entire body through the water makes this one of my favorite ways to exercise and experience nature firsthand.”

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