About Robert Abbasi


Robert Abbasi is a dynamic and highly experienced real estate executive and businessman in today’s most profitable real estate domains. Robert has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is an expert and covers multiple aspects of the real estate business, such as operations and transaction management.

Robert Abbasi excels at navigating and cutting through the complexities of commercial real estate lending as well as creating opportunities for property owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to realize their dreams and maximize wealth for their businesses to grow and thrive.

Over the last 30 years, he has helped clients secure some of the most complex and largest mortgage and commercial bridge loans in Southern California while maintaining an unwavering commitment to each of his client’s unique needs and preferences. Robert’s first-class service, quality, and expertise have become a hallmark for clients as well as referral sources.

Robert Abbasi is also a well-known and influential speaker and panelist and mentors many aspiring real estate agents and other professionals in the real estate community. He regularly presents seminars for and delivers keynote addresses to some of the world’s leading real estate and financial service firms, universities, and national conferences. Boasting more than 30 years of experience as a savvy and informed real estate executive and expert serving California, Robert has managed numerous portfolios with the aim of achieving optimum risk-adjusted returns.

In 1986, Robert Abbasi founded RTI Properties, his most prominent venture. He has shaped the real estate firm into one of the nation’s leading and most recognized direct portfolio and commercial lenders. Robert is responsible for all strategic, operating, and investment functions of the company. He works closely with clients from loan origination to closing. He plays an integral role in property management, investments, and leading the culture and people at RTI Properties.

Robert Abbasi is a seasoned real estate professional who operates through a robust network of well-reputed and experienced peers, colleagues, and affiliates. He manages several types of properties nationwide, such as commercial properties and mix-used properties. He is also a popular panelist, speaker, and well-known mentor in the real estate community. His passion lies in empowering property owners, investors, and entrepreneurs to make an impact through leadership and innovation.

Education and Business

Robert Abbasi holds an Executive MBA from the University of Southern California (USC), graduating with distinguished honors. Before receiving his MBA, he secured an undergraduate degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Southern California. And during that period, Robert also served as a reputable and trusted member of the notable Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society and is proud of that achievement. Robert graduated Magna Cum Laude.

After earning his Executive MBA, Robert spent his whole professional career in the dynamic real estate investment and property management industry. He has successfully executed transactions worth billions of dollars with impressive results. A considerable number of these transactions were for his personal investment portfolio.

Robert Abbasi started his career in real estate in 1983 as an Investment Consultant focusing on commercial properties and apartment buildings. After that, he founded a real estate lending company in California – RTI Properties. He wanted to buy a series of apartment complexes in Los Angeles for personal investment. However, his investment grew, and so did the business enterprise in his name, eventually expanding to become one of the nation’s leading and most diverse real estate firms. RTI Properties has multiple divisions and vested interests in several real estate asset types and classes.

Robert Abbasi boasts excellent communication and leadership skills that capture the confidence and trust of both his subordinates and fellow officers, inspiring and motivating the entire team to produce positive bottom-line results. His real estate prowess, entrepreneurial expertise, communication skills, and spirit have helped him take the dynamic world of commercial real estate investment and management by storm.

Robert Abbasi has been an industry leader and pioneer in crafting mortgage loan solutions for high-profile clients. His professional experience and expertise with complex financial and real estate transactions is a huge benefit to clients when structuring loans for property owners and investors looking for the right loan for their specific situation.

Before founding RTI Properties, Robert also served on the ALCO and Loan committees as a Bank Board Director. During his career, Robert Abbasi has developed excellent rapport and relationships with various business affiliates and peers in the real estate investment and management industry.

Also, Robert Abbasi has served as a confidant and advisor to brokers, property managers, property investors, lending companies, and institutions to help them achieve their goals.

Facts and Interests

Robert Abbasi also has a fun and adventurous social side. Some of his interests and pastimes include riding the finest motorbikes for dirt racing, swimming, traveling, and bicycling on challenging mountainous terrain. This is how he likes to spend time when he is not busy investing and managing real estate across the country. Being an avid swimmer, he enjoys swimming in the ocean and embracing nature. He uses swimming as an exercise as it is his favorite recreational activity.

Robert Abbasi loves quality and exquisite cuisine and great restaurants. He has developed a cosmopolitan palate because he frequently travels around the world. As he lives in Los Angeles, Robert is exposed to and enjoys a variety of cultural foods. This is because there are so many unique ethnic restaurants in the city.

For Robert Abbasi, taking time out for his family is another important activity. He wants to continually make a difference for his family and see the world from his children’s perspective. He is committed to the tireless pursuit of happiness and wants to contribute to the betterment of the community. While he is a seasoned real estate professional and savvy businessman, Robert Abbasi is also a friendly, compassionate, humble, and caring person.